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Miss SHS 2023 – Results

We just concluded this year’s Miss SHS Pageant! After two days of talents, bio’s, and introductions, the participants heard their name called for awards! Congratulations to our winners!

Participants and their award:

Gianna | Miss 110%

Heather | Miss “I Love You”

Sophia | Miss Wonderful

Shannon | Miss Helpful

Tina | Miss Amazing

Kristen | Miss Shake it Off

Lindsay | Miss Magical

Abby | Miss Electric

Jennifer | Miss Fantastic

Alison | Miss Dancing Queen

Talia | Miss Vogue

Jamey | Miss Joyous

Carol Ann | Miss Sweetheart

Nancy | Miss Spectacular

Katie | Miss Super Star

Ellen | Miss Enthusiastic

Amanda | Miss Radiant

Micelle | Miss Razzle Dazzle

Julie | Miss Charming

Poncie | Miss Devine

Marta | Miss Talent

Dude | Miss Congeniality

Kayla | SHS Princess

Elizabeth | Miss Royalty

Caroline | Miss SHS

Our participants were perfect in everyway possible! Congratulations to all of our winners!

View the full length pageant here!

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  1. bonnie funlsp says:

    congratulations girl’s

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