Pre-Academics - Stewart Home & School



Early Learning

This class aims to teach students through hands-on, diverse methods. Typical lesson plans include reading aloud to the students, completing worksheets as a group, music therapy and games. Fine motor skills tasks include writing and hands-on manipulatives (sorting things by size, puzzles, matching, counting, etc.). Smart Board technology is used often to keep learning fresh and fun for the students. Gross motor skills are learned through group activities involving dances, balloons, parachute play and learning activities scheduled to take advantage of our wide-open campus.


If you think of the skills necessary to live life to the fullest every single day, you have to consider personal care skills. That’s where grooming class comes in.

Skills that most of us take for granted are broken down into the steps necessary for completion of personal hygiene tasks. Consistent repetition and hands-on practice help these tasks become a part of the student’s daily routine and encourage independence.

Grooming curriculum includes all personal hygiene tasks, as well as promoting climate-appropriate clothing, table manners and courtesy in social settings.

Pre-Academic Computers

Stewart Home & School offers a Pre-Academic Computer Lab for students who are at a preschool, kindergarten and first grade level.  Programs enhance language development, early math, reasoning, creativity and early reading.  For beginners, programs may include colors, shapes, numbers, letters and music.  These programs are accessed for beginners with the use of the keyboard or mouse.

Computer and mouse skills are taught to students who are new to technology.

Life and Vocational Skills Class

Life and Vocational Skills class will be doing many things around campus and in the classroom to learn and grow.

On nice days, students will work outside on cleaning the campus, learning and working on vocational skills such as picking up, taking out the trash, and sweeping the sidewalks. Students will be working on fine motor skills such as writing and gross motor skills such as buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, and tying shoes. Students will work on eye-hand coordination, along with sorting and working puzzles. The biggest goal of this class is to enhance the students’ independence.

Activity Center

The Activity Center is for those students who benefit from a consistent class setting for an entire day’s activities. In a quieter setting, activities include exercise, table games, jigsaw puzzles, art projects, movies, music, and more. Students benefit from weekly off-campus trips. Friendships are enhanced with daily contact and shared experiences for those who tend to be less likely to initiate such relationships.  Many students have their “friendship buddies” in settings outside the Activity Center as well!