Academics - Stewart Home & School






Language Arts

Language Arts is designed to teach reading, grammar, writing and math using a hands on approach.

The class includes reading, grammar and writing in a consolidated unit using practical high interest materials.  One example would be a magazine article.  Not only do students read and discuss its content but they also analyze grammar and then practice writing similar pieces.


Computer Skills

Computer class is highly individualized!  If students have specific tasks or programs they would like to learn, then that’s our first objective.

We have dozens of software programs that, in addition to improving computer skills, also help with academic pursuits.

Other classes use the computer lab as a resource center – assigning papers to be typed or subjects to be researched while in class.  Music students even get in on the fun by looking up lyrics and music to the songs they will be learning in chorus.

Staying in touch is a favorite activity in computer class, through email and Skype.  Some of our more experienced students are also transferring pictures from their cameras to their computer – emailing them home or creating videos!

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness focuses on physical wellness and emotional wellness.  We cover nutrition, exercise, hygiene, senses and body systems.  We also do sections on character building, environmental health, manners, safety/first aid, and communication skills.

Lessons are covered verbally and usually followed up with a corresponding worksheet.

Aside from lecture and worksheets; hands-on activities, group work and class discussions are part of daily class activities.

Favorite activities from the nutrition section are planning meals from the big box of food and “Eat this, not that” guessing game.  Students learn to make healthy choices!


The Stewart Home & School Math program strives to encourage students to gain an understanding of the correlation between math and everyday living.

The students are given the opportunity to strengthen their problem solving and logical reasoning skills, gain confidence in computation skills and, when appropriate, gain useful skills in using a calculator and computer.

The focus of this program is to equip students with confidence and practical information that will carry over to everyday situations.



Reading classes at Stewart Home & School build reading competence and comprehension.  Lessons begin with sight words and word blends, and progress to maximizing and maintaining comprehension through incorporating high-interest reading material.

Through the use of multiple reading resources, we work at generating enthusiasm to increase reading fluency and reading comprehension.  Students also have access to the school library, which allows them to choose their favorite reading material, and to discover new interests.


Our Science classroom is very alive!  We have a fish, a bearded dragon, a hamster, 3 turtles, 2 rabbits, 3 birds, a therapy dog and countless plants.  We study all science subjects such as biology, simple chemistry and physics.

We are a very hands-on kind of class, we plant seeds, take care of all the animals, and do experiments with all kinds of substances.  We like to learn by seeing and doing.

Our classroom projector is a great supplement to the room as well since we can see internet videos of dissections or chemical explosions without getting too close!!


Social Studies

Our Social Studies class studies history, maps, economics, famous people, current events and government and it all has one thing in common:  learning for real life.  In Social Studies we focus on things you should know to better help you enjoy movies, understand the news, plan your family vacation and get more out of life.  We even take requests!  If there’s something our students have seen on TV or read about and they want to learn more, they just have to ask!  With reading, written class work, virtual tours, DVDs, field trips and hands-on projects, there’s something for everyone!