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Admissions & FAQs

Admissions & FAQs

We welcome parents and families of prospective Stewart Home & School students!

As you consider what it might be like to have a student at Stewart Home & School, you will no doubt have questions and concerns.  We hope the information in this section will address them.  If you need more information to determine if Stewart Home & School is the right place for your student, our families stand ready to speak with you!  Just let us know!

This is a major decision for your family.  We hope you will come for an on-campus visit.  We are available at your convenience.

Admission Criteria

Sometimes families ask our admission criteria and we say “It’s you!” and we also say “Students must be ambulatory, capable of active participation, toilet trained and not a danger to themselves or others.”

Answers to your frequently asked questions:

What is the age range of your students?

We serve students of ALL ages!

How often can students come home? 

Any time you want! Families are always welcome, and student visits home are up to you. We use the Lexington, Louisville and Greater Cincinnati airports, and students come and go at their family’s direction. Most families come for our annual Family Weekend, this year May 18 & 19, 2018.

Tell us about costs. 

The tuition, room and board is the same for every student. Incidental costs may include extra-curricular trips, travel expenses, toiletries, haircuts, clothes, etc. There is no contract or obligation for any length of time. You direct those incidental expenses.

How is the individual program decided? 

You will work with the faculty and your student to choose the classes, activities and other assignments that will help you meet your goals.

Are there scholarships or any other sources of funding available? 

At the present, no. The school is not eligible for state or federal funding; however students who receive Social Security benefits do continue to be eligible for those funds.

May I speak with other families? 

Absolutely.  Stewart Home & School families are willing to discuss the school.  They are people, who, like you, want the very best and they have experience in considering many environments and programs.

What are your criteria for admission? 

You are! You know your situation and goals. We believe you will know what is best for your student. The admissions process requires a personal interview, completion of the application material and a decision on the part of the school as to whether we believe we can meet your student’s needs and your expectations.

Our families often times share with us that making friends is difficult for their student.  As you can see, having friends and a social life is very much an important part of life at Stewart Home & School!

We hope you will come and see us!