Vocational - Stewart Home & School



“We Love to Work!”

Stewart Home & School vocational programs offer several types of work opportunities for our special needs students, ranging from community employment, on-campus employment and volunteer positions.

Off Campus Vocational Opportunities

Students work in the community of Frankfort. Employers include restaurants such as Evergreen,  Frisch’s,  Dairy Queen, and others.

We also have students who work and/or volunteer at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, day care centers, an animal shelter and nursing homes.

On-Campus Vocational Opportunities

On-campus employment opportunities help students develop a sense of responsibility while building self-esteem and career-related skills. Whether the position provides the prospect paid employment or is a volunteer position, each student takes pride in their accomplishments knowing they have contributed to the welfare of others.

Some examples of on-campus employment at Stewart Home & School include work in laundry, kitchen, housekeeping department, Health Services Department, central supply office and the Administrative Office. Students may also assist the teachers in School Programs and the Recreation Department.