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Residential and Independent Living

One of the best things about living at Stewart Home & School is the view!  Most rooms are private and all have windows!  The view of the 850+ acres of beautiful landscape surrounding the campus is nothing short of spectacular!

Residence halls are spacious, open and bright.  Private and shared rooms have been designed so that each student has a place to find solitude and relaxation.  And the added benefit of friends up and down the hall for companionship is simply the best!

Each residence hall varies in size and design, housing 12 to 30 students with a houseparent to guide them. Independent living areas allow students to develop the independent living skills associated with self-sufficient living.

Residence halls do provide a home away from home.  Meals are served family-style in the dining rooms and housemates’ ages and interests span a broad range.  The interaction among housemates develops bonds of friendship that can and do last a lifetime.