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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

  “Let your heart, spirit, and soul

soar free from the cage of challenge.”

– Alisa, SHS student


Stewart Home & School is unique.  Most special education programs end at age 21, and then adult settings focus on vocational options and daily living skills.  Stewart Home & School focuses on lifelong learning and assigns each person an education plan in addition to goals for vocational placement, social maturity growth and daily living skills training.  Working together with the student, the family and the school faculty, each plan is implemented on a year-round, three-semester basis and schedules are adjusted as needed.

The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to creatively plan successful learning experiences for all students and to consistently reinforce the students’ enthusiastic motivation for participation and further growth.  There are high expectations for each individual and it is a joy to see successes celebrated each day!