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Stewart Home & School Athletics

Stewart Home & School’s year-round athletic program, includes both recreational sports and participating in Special Olympics.  Special Olympics is an international program of year-round sports training and athletic competition for more than one million children and adults throughout the world and here at Stewart Home & School Special Olympics is a very important part of life.  The school’s participation began in 1974, with the organization of the basketball program.

Now, more than three decades later, Stewart Home School’s athletic program has grown into a multi sport program for athletes of all ages and abilities.  Students participate in every sport offered by Kentucky’s Special Olympics program and, based upon student interest, the school has expanded beyond their offerings.  Currently, students participate in basketball, bowling, tennis, golf, cheerleading, equestrian, skiing, snowshoeing, snow-tubing, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, and flag football.  We are always looking for even more events to give students the chance to learn a new sport or skill.


Swimming is a very popular activity amongst the Stewart Home & School students. Our students swim competitively through Special Olympics, where they swim at meets across the state. During the summer months, our students swim recreationally three times per week, and are able to continue that during the remaining cooler months of the year, twice per week.

Our students really love the water. And the summer! Swimming is a very popular activity here at Stewart Home & School. Students have the option of visiting our locally-remastered swimming pool here in Frankfort. There is plenty to do as the new pool has climbing walls, a lazy river, diving boards, and more!


Stewart Home & School competes in the cheerleading competitions of Special Olympics. We have multiple squads of different ability and experience levels who travel to competitions around Central Kentucky, performing their routines for the year, after much practice.


Basketball is a very popular sport at Stewart Home & School and the official start of the season is kicked off each year at our annual Homecoming game.  After months of practice, our multiple teams, of varying levels and experience, we play teams across the state of Kentucky weekly.  In addition, we host our own tournament in January every year in our campus gym where teams from across the state attend.

The basketball season culminates each year after regional tournaments with a state tournament.

In addition to the Special Olympics league, we play basketball during the evenings and weekends in our gymnasium– as it is a popular sport on Kentucky!


Our students participate in Special Olympics softball during the summer months.  With several levels of play in softball, our teams compete in games held in central Kentucky weekly. In addition, our softball players compete in both regional and state competitions.


With a bowling alley less than a mile away from campus, we find ourselves bowling several times per week!  While some students choose to participate in competitive bowling, others prefer to participate in league play hosted by Special Olympics. The team travels to surrounding cities and bowls against other Kentucky athletes.

Recreational bowling is an activity our students really enjoy. Many of our students love to leisurely play, enjoying the social aspect of doing so.

Track & Field

Track & Field is one of the most exciting sports we offer. Students can participate in walking or running, and we usually have both, competing in many meets across the state. We love traveling to participate in the state competition. What a great sport!

 Flag Football

Who doesn’t like a little football? Our students love playing flag football for Special Olympics. Students have multiple opportunities to compete against other teams in the state and are also able to play in tournaments, both regionally and on a state-wide level.  This is quickly becoming the fastest-growing sport on our campus!


Students get to enjoy the laid back, quiet courts of our local park to practice their tennis skills. During the summer, students have the option of playing tennis multiple times a week.


We have many golfers here at Stewart Home & School.  During the warmer months of the year, our students play golf several times per week at a local golf course.  We offer trips to the local golf course multiple times a week where our students have the opportunity to play a unified game with a volunteer from the Frankfort community. What an experience!!!


Soccer is a very popular sport here at Stewart Home & School. As the leaves turn colors, students dribble the soccer balls down the field, playing at local and surrounding fields. Soccer finishes off with a regional and state competition.