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StewARTS, the  expressive arts studio program at Stewart Home School, is a hands-on program designed to teach students how to communicate and express themselves in non-verbal ways through the art-making process. Our diverse program involves art mediums and projects which promote fine motor and problem solving skills, sensory awareness, and creativity. Lessons are adapted to each individual so that all students gain self-esteem and a sense of pride in their completed projects. Our studio is spacious and well equipped with a variety of art equipment and mediums, such as clay, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts. Student work is displayed throughout campus, Frankfort, and the surrounding region at various events and exhibits.

Fine Arts

This class introduces Stewart Home & School students to many more of the arts. Basic music notation is taught, and students create their own lyrics, often with their own compositions. Projects also help with reading comprehension and math skills as drama, poetry and literature are explored and tried.


 Our state-of-the-art fitness center has a total of 20 treadmills, 6 stationary bikes, 1 stair climber, an elliptical machine and an arm bike. The newest addition is the Expresso S2U Bike. This is an interactive bike that feels more like you are playing a video game. The S2U bike has a computer system built in and provides a customized workout in a virtual reality bike riding environment.

Students enjoy listening to music through headphones or watching television while on the treadmill or walking around the track. And there is also an area specifically designed for aerobics and theraband exercise. Students enjoy weighing themselves each month and love showing off their “before” and “after” photos!


Music is an important part of our learning curriculum. We have talented singers, pianists, and guitar and accordion players! People with Williams syndrome typically excel in music and all of our students are music lovers!

For those interested in singing, there is a large chorus with practices every day and performances in and around our community. Another performance group is the handbell choir. Students also perform sign language with the songs that are sung.

One of our students serves as our piano accompanist and several students serve as directors for the chorus and the handbell choir. Guitar lessons are offered, and there is a band formed of student musicians for special performances.

Physical Education

Physical Education at Stewart Home & School encompasses a wide variety of classes and activities. The overall goal is to increase and improve motor skills development. We play games and learn sports rules and we learn the importance of teamwork. Through it all, we make sure to stay fit and enjoy good physical health.


Practicing yoga has many benefits. Studies have shown yoga helps those who have difficulty calming themselves, improves memory and the ability to focus, and also has the physical benefits including increased muscle tone, balance, body awareness, flexibility and overall strength and endurance. Yoga also helps to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

Stewart Home & School’s yoga class is the perfect way for our students to relax and unwind. Our studio is designed with our students’ needs in mind – props, calming music and subtle lighting. The first portion of our class is devoted to breath-work and poses, followed by savasana (corpse pose) which is our relaxing period after our practice. Students enjoy using eye pillows to help keep out any distractions during this time. For some of our students, this provides a nice break in their busy day.

Dinner & A Movie

Students love to cook, and what’s better than getting to eat what you cook and then watch a great movie with your friends?

Aside from being a wonderful social activity, students learn a variety of skills. They learn to plan a menu, read and follow a recipe, correctly learn and use measurements, proper food cleaning and preparation, plus lessons in nutrition and the importance of eating healthy.

Dinner and a Movie will be located at Redmon Hall in our brand-new kitchen! Redmon Hall gives us more of a “home-like” atmosphere, which the students really enjoy.

Art Therapy

“Art” is defined as “the quality, production, expression…of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” The medical dictionary defines “therapy” as “a healing power or quality”.

The concept of art therapy is a relatively new one. Teachers and therapists use it for a variety of reasons, but primarily to give students a nonverbal outlet for their feelings as well as a way for students to expand their creative abilities. It’s an activity without judgment and is a wonderful way for all students to feel successful and validated. Creating something — anything — gives students an amazing sense of accomplishment and encourages them to do more, to try things maybe outside their comfort zone.

Our students are passionate about their art! Teaching them about art history and allowing them to use different mediums in art gives them different experiences that teach them a little more about themselves.

Adult Activity Center

Participants in the Adult Activity Center are a group of seniors who enjoy being with each other. They focus each day on mental and physical well-being by discussing current events, making crafts, going on field trips, doing daily exercise with “Body Recall” and enjoying a full day of activity! They have 3,000 square feet of space, which allows many activities to take place at the same time. The residents who participate in this program have a motto: “We are happy, healthy and terrific!!”

Leadership Class

Leadership class is designed to encourage students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.  The class emphasizes leading by example.  Students learn to practice positive leadership skills in personal relationships as well as in classes, on teams and at work.  Students participate in class discussions and share experiences; they are praised and recognized for their progress.  This is a character education class with emphasis on maturity growth, and responsible judgement skills with focus on Biblical principles.

Current Events

Current Events is a participatory, high-energy hour and a half of facts and discussion about current political, sports, economic, and cultural issues.  A class quiz between teams of students is always a highlight.

 We begin the class with the Pledge of Allegiance and end it with those inspirational words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!”

Book Club

Stewart Home & School’s book club was started in 2013 at the request of students. Book club members actively participate in reading, comprehending, and processing the storyline, plot, and character development of each book. Books are selected as a club based upon the students’ interests. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of reading level.