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A Parent’s Perspective

A Parent’s Perspective

A Parent’s Perspective by: Debbie, Amber’s Mom

From the moment David and I drove onto the Stewart Home School campus, we knew we had found a dream come true. The peace, love and security seemed tangible. From the beauty of the campus down to every single staff member, we knew Amber would be loved, valued, challenged, cared about and safe.

We looked at many “post-secondary” options in several states for Amber, but none were suitable for her. They were either too restrictive, or not supportive enough for her needs. Stewart Home School is the absolute perfect combination of independent living and support for Amber. Amber lives in the “self-care” portion of her dorm and is responsible for her own laundry, room cleaning, dorm chores, getting to class on time, etc. She also assists other students who need a little extra support.

David and I also really like the academic opportunities that are part of the school program. Amber selects 8 classes per semester and is enjoying exploring some new topics such as art, equestrian programs, chorus and music lessons along with the more typical classes of reading, computer lab, science, social studies, etc.

Amber’s health is very important to us as well. The campus, fitness facility, and fitness programs are second to none. Amber has been able to continue to maintain her fitness level and healthy weight while living at the Stewart Home School. Amber also enjoys the nutritious meals which are served family style in each dorm, and the medical staff is amazing. The security of knowing that there is a medical staff on site around the clock is invaluable.

Amber feels she has found her second family in the staff and students of Stewart Home School. It has a been a joy for her extended family and friends to visit her and experience the family environment at the school, as well. There are no words to express how blessed we feel to have Amber living and growing at Stewart Home School. Sometimes a personal story speaks volumes. This one lets you hear Amber’s heart and therefore our heart as it relates to the school. A few months after Amber came to the Stewart Home School, she called home asking how long she was going to be there. She was familiar with going to summer camps and how they come to an end. I said I wasn’t sure but that I was keeping that in my prayers. She asked me again and again I said, no I don’t know, but do you have thoughts about this? She replied very seriously, “Yes, I want to live here forever!” More than anything else this expresses our hearts, Amber’s heart and the heart of Stewart Home School.

Amber loves our home, loves her sisters and brother, enjoys her time with us on vacations, but like all of us, after a few weeks, she wants to go home – and for Amber that is Stewart Home School!