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Ellen Skidmore and Friends Visit Stewart Home & School

Stewart Home & School was delighted to have three special guests on campus yesterday, Ellen Skidmore, Jennie Leavell, and Fran Taylor. Ellen Skidmore is a decorated artist and author of ELLEN: The Girl Who Found Her Voice. The book, which is also illustrated by Skidmore featuring 28 paintings, depicts Skidmore’s childhood growing up with a […]

Employee Spotlight – Robin Johns

I am very happy to get the opportunity to Spotlight Robin John’s. She came to SH&S in November of 2018, as the School Program Reading teacher, hired by David Sellwood. After doing that for al-most 2 years, Robin decided that she would like to do more hands on care for our residents, so I happily […]

Stewart Home & School Chorus Performs Mass for Good Shepherd Church

Thank you to Good Shepherd Catholic Church for allowing our students to share their amazing voices with everyone. We enjoyed leading a wonderful Mass this past Sunday! Below, you will find an excerpt from the service. All rights reserved

Employee Spotlight – Jeremy West

Everyone knows that the month of February is all about LOVE. Just looking around Stewart Home and School we see giant Conversation Hearts, fun banners, and our students are looking forward to their Valentine’s Day parties and the Sweethearts Dance. George Sand once said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and […]

SHS Video Newsletter – Jan. 2023

Join us as Trey guest hosts January’s newsletter! This newsletter focuses on the start of our basketball league, upcoming off campus activities, and the much anticipated Family Weekend announcement from Sandy Bell and Dr. Kara Davies.

Employee Spotlight – Amy Young

Have you met Amy?  She has a smile that lights up a room!!  Amy came to SHS four years ago. (12/17/2018). Her husband, Marcus, asked if she was interested in working here.  (She knew a little about the environment from Marcus and Myles.)  She decided  for better hours, better pay, and with already having niece […]

It’s Basketball Season!

Last year’s on-campus basketball league was such a hit that we decided to bring it back bigger and better this year! Yesterday, the gymnasium was converted to the SHS basketball draft headquarters as the entire student body packed the gym to witness the selection process! All eligible basketball players sat alongside this year’s cheerleaders at […]

Employee Spotlight – Marcus Young

Marcus Young started his career here at SHS on 12/3/2018.  He was hired by Machele Lawless and Ricky Gaines.  Marcus has been a integral member of the Housekeeping crew from the start, but he also works part-time with the Recreation Department.  He most enjoys interacting with the students on a one on one basis and […]

Employee Spotlight – Cindy Clouse

Cindy Clouse came to SHS on August 2, 2018. She was hired by Tammy Blau as (and has only worked as) the housemother on Camelot. She is best described as a loving housemother that ad-vocates for her residents and provides a welcoming home to “her girls”. Cindy says she loves having a big SHS family […]

2022 SHS Pageant – BE HAPPY

Last week we held our 2022 Mr. and Miss SHS Pageant over 2 days! Watch the entire pageant and cheer on everyone’s amazing performances and the award presentations.

Employee Spotlight – Myles Young

Myles Young began his career at Stewart Home & School in May of 2017. Along with overseeing the Media and Marketing Department, he also assists Michael Uber within the Information Technology department. Born and raised in Lawrenceburg, KY, Myles grew up just a few short miles down the road! He said he was drawn to […]

State Softball Recap with Trey Tyson

This past weekend was the culmination of a season’s worth of effort for all of our wonderful softball players and coaches. Thanks to our supportive staff and students our players were sent off Friday afternoon with a warm goodbye and lots of well wishes being sent around. Once arriving in Bowling Green our Panthers were […]