Employee Spotlight -Donnya Shryock - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight -Donnya Shryock

Donnya Shryock, APRN, began employment here at Stewart Home and School in May 2019, not long after Candi Broughton was hired.  She was interviewed and given the grand tour of the campus by Dr. John D. Stewart, and Stephen Randolph offered her her current position. Although Donnya (pronounced Donna) is a part-time employee, she is an integral team member not only in our busy Student Health office, but she also participates in numerous interdepartmental committees, adding the important medical perspective to those groups. Her other job titles include Toenail Trimmer, BooBoo Fixer, Stitch Witchery, and other duties as designated by those in need. 

For all of her efforts, I have dubbed both she and Candi, the “Dynamic Duo”, as they see students in acute distress and yet find time to manage the majority of our students’ primary medical care. They do this both directly and via supervision of the nursing staff, who provide important daily treatments and triage students for them to see.  She states “I like the variety that comes with caring for the students at the school.  We go from being a Mini-ER / mash unit to a long-term care and all things in between.  We manage the quarantine of communicable diseases to the preparation of colonoscopy procedures.  Did I mention the electronic medical record? “

(it is her best and also scariest memory, learning the system.) 

As a Student Health provider, Donnya understands the importance of gathering as much information as possible from everyone on campus who can provide vital information regarding a student’s condition.

Notable Favorites

Movie: Quigley Down Under

Restaurant: We enjoy cooking at home.

Vacation Spot: The mountains of CO.

She owns a Harley Davidson Road King, and loves to go the racetrack. (She and her husband have a son and a daughter.)  Their daughter and her husband are thoroughbred horse trainers. Donnya is a tireless communicator to families, staff and the “medical chart” itself, knowing that it did not happen unless it is documented.  Donnya has been instrumental in establishing both routine foot and ear clinics for students and is always looking for ways to improve our families’ perception of the overall care that we all provide to our students.

Thank you Donnya for all that you do!

   – Stephen Randolph

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