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Living Your Own Life

Living Your Own Life

“To all people with Down syndrome : No matter what you are, you should feel special no matter what anyone says… God made us equally special… not only do we have Downs, but we have a little extra!”  – Stewart Home & School student

What does it mean to be diagnosed with Down syndrome?

The quotes you read below will illuminate some of the answers. Most significant to the discussion might be the question asked by one of our students at the close of her interview at Stewart Home & School when her father said, “This is your chance, ask whatever you need to know so that you will be able to make a good decision.” And she turned to us and said, ” I think I need to tell you that I have Down syndrome. Does that make any difference?”

Does it make a difference? Of course! And such a special difference! We celebrate that difference! Our students explore their interests and express their gifts and talents and have lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness with all of the benefits and opportunities imaginable! They work and study and learn and teach and give back to their communities every day! It is exciting to see the difference people with Down syndrome are making!!

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