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Employee Spotlight – Jared Tennill

Jared R. Tennill’s hire date is recorded as 5/28/2019. That is when he was officially put on the payroll. But, as the oldest son of former Facilities Director, Donald Tennill, and Purchasing Manager of Central Supply, Paula Tennill, he has been on campus long before then. Jared says he was “kind of “hired when AJ Sears was the Grounds Supervisor. He said it more or less consisted of his dad telling him he was coming to work here. He has always been on the Grounds Crew, and says he loves being outside in all weather. He hates to be stuck inside.

He currently works full time for MD Electric in Frankfort, and that full time job brought about in a change in his hours here on the mower at SHS. When asked what did he think he would have been doing if he had not started working here, he shrugged and said “I would have been mowing lawns somewhere .” He says the most consistent thing about Stewart Home School is its residents and how they like to chat and ask questions. Jared is a man of few words, and he laughed when he stated ‘The residents like to chat a lot!”

He told me his best memory was this year’s Family Weekend. He loved watching the guy on stilts and how he made all the balloon animals. His favorite things to do in his free time…go to Malibu Jack’s, go to the movies, and he likes to ride roller coasters. His first one to ride was at Holiday World. He enjoys bass fishing on his pontoon boat at Taylorsville Lake, hanging out with his friends, and riding jet skis. He doesn’t have any collections . He is known as JaRod by all that know him well. His favorite dog is a French Bulldog.

Jared’s List of Faves:

Movie –


Revenge of the Fallen

Restaurant –

Outback Steakhouse

Sports Team

Cincinnati Reds

Vacation Spot –

Taylorsvillle Lake

Season –

Fall or Summer

—Krista Lumpkins

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