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Employee Spotlight – Joe Taylor

Joseph K. Taylor was hired 4/15/2019 as a part-time Grounds Crew member. He was interviewed by AJ Sears, and subsequently hired by Machele Lawless / Melissa Ford. He has not worked in any other department here at SHS. He says the best part of his job is when he has the opportunity to interact with the residents. He enjoys their loving personalities, seeing them laugh, and says it makes his day to be around them. He came to work here after his mother, our own Donna Taylor, told him about the position and got him to interview.

His best memory is not just one, it is when SHS has Family Weekend. He says it is a lot of work to prepare for, but he loves to see the students so happy, and the Bubble Truck is the best.

When asked what has changed the most since he started here, he was pretty quick to say the grounds/maintenance crews. He says he loves the comradery and teamwork with these men, and they make it enjoyable to come to work. Joe states that the one thing that is a constant here – the WEEDS. He said they never stop growing!

In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, scuba diving, bass fishing, and hanging out with his brother, Matt, or his friends. He has a knife and arrowhead collection, as well. When asked what he would be doing if he had not come to work here to SHS, he smiled and said “Working at a job that I didn’t love as much as this one.”

Joe’s List of Faves:

Book – A Taste for Rabbit by Linda Zuckerman

Movie – Braveheart

Restaurant – Cookout (the double cheese-burgers)

Sports Team  – Pittsburgh Steelers & UK Wildcats

Vacation Spot – Bradenton, FL

Fave season – Fall or Summer

Joe laughed when asked what he was famous for…”My hair”. He said he tricked his mom one time, and came home with his hair all tucked up inside his hat. She was so excited and thought he had gotten it cut! Needless to say, he laughed out loud when he recalled her face after he took his hat off and shook his hair back out. The craziest thing that ever happened was related to one of his favorite past times. He was bass fishing, and he had set the hook on a fish, and it broke off with his favorite lure in its mouth. Later that day, he caught a bass, and it was that same bass he’d caught earlier, and there was his favorite lure, still in its mouth!!

Joe, you are certainly a ‘keeper’ to all of us here!

_Krista Lumpkins

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