Employee Spotlight - Theresa O'Brien - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Theresa O’Brien

We welcome into our September Spotlight an employee who could pinch hit in nearly any department on campus.  Theresa  O’Brien has spent most of her employment with Stewart Home & School since 2005 in Housekeeping and Laundry, but has also been a Substitute Housemother, private duty sitter and has helped most every department in some capacity. 

Theresa says her favorite memory of SH&S is when the Laundry Department took their student workers to lunch at Lee’s Famous Recipe.  It was so fun to see their excitement and watch them choose things from the buffet. 

Theresa was promoted to Laundry Supervisor in January, 2020, following the retirement of Goldie Hiten.  Having served as Assistant Supervisor, it was an easy transition.  Her student workers love her, and the feeling is of course, mutual.

When asked what has changed the most since she has come to work at SH&S, Theresa speaks of the affect sending our students home in March had on her and everyone here— remarking that the experience caused a renewed sense of how much we love them and how much they impact our lives.  For what has remained consistent, Theresa says the level of understanding and support of administration is something she has never experienced anywhere else.

Theresa’s File

 Favorite Book

“Gone with the Wind”

Favorite Season


Favorite Vacation

“Ormond Beach, FL”

Favorite Restaurant

“Jeff Ruby’s-Newport”

Favorite Movie

“Rain Man”

Theresa says if she is famous for anything it might be her caregiving skills or possibly her lasagna or baked macaroni and cheese. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and people watching.  She also collects Tiffany lamps.  She hopes to travel when she retires.

If she hadn’t’ come to work at SH&S Theresa thinks she may have continued work for a local grocery store.  She remarked that there is a huge difference in how employees are treated here, saying her favorite thing about SH&S is that it feels like home.  We can’t imagine a higher compliment.  We thank Theresa for her big heart and for all she does!

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5 comments on Employee Spotlight – Theresa O’Brien

  1. Judy Chapman says:

    Thank you for all you do! I know handling “all” that laundry can’t be easy but such a necessary and essential task!!

  2. Linda Matus says:

    We appreciate you, Theresa!

  3. Connie Adams says:

    God bless Theresa and SH&S. So grateful for my grandson’s (ANDREW ADAMS) new home. 🙏🏻

  4. Connie Adams says:

    God Bless Theresa and SH&S. So grateful for my grandson’s new home. 🙏🏻

  5. Vickie Doss says:

    Congratulations love and miss ya I miss the students a lot love them

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