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2021 Student Council Announced!

Our student government is AMAZING! On Monday, the SH&S student council addressed their fellow classmates over Zoom talking about key topics including the upcoming holidays. On Tuesday, a special swearing in ceremony was held over Zoom as part of Sandy Bell’s Leadership class!


Nancy, Erica, and Kim have agreed to continue to serve as Student Council Representatives; Douglas will continue to serve as Chaplin; Dorothy will continue her duties as Media Correspondent; Kevin will take on the new role as Activities Director; Casey has been appointed Vice Mayor, and Anna will resume the role of Mayor! Congratulations to all of our student government representatives! “I couldn’t be more proud of the work our student council members have put in this year, and I know they’ll continue to make us proud in 2021!” – Mary Shouse, Student Council Advisor”I continue to be amazed by the insight and perspective that our students have. Their positive attitudes will always inspire me!” – Margaret Christmas, Student Council Advisor

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