Employee Spotlight - Maria E. Alamillo - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Maria E. Alamillo

Standing in our November Employee Spotlight among the trees and leaves of Fall is Maria Alamillo, who came to Stewart Home & School in August, 2016 to be the Housemother for Springhill Down. One of her charac-ter references described Maria as “a beautiful woman inside and out . . . a woman with a big heart.” We have certainly found that to be true in the four years she has been with us.

Maria is deeply de-voted to her gentle-men of Springhill Down and they are devoted to her. She often remarks that when people ask her how many children she has, she includes her 12 boys from Springhill Down in that number because in her heart she feels like they are her boys.

Maria says her best memory of SH&S is the day she came for her inter-view, remarking how amazed she was at the beauty of the campus and how serene and safe it felt to her.

When asked what she believes has changed the most since she came to work at Stewart Home & School, Maria says the new Student Health building has been a great change, and noted that SH&S is always changing and making everything so beautiful. As for what has been consistent, Maria remarks that although her gentlemen’s needs are always changing and we are always improving, her routine on the building pretty much stays the same

Maria’s File

Favorite Book

“The Bible”

Favorite Season


Favorite Vacation

“Pigeon Forge”

Favorite Restaurant


Favorite Movie/Show

“The Blacklist”

In her spare time, Maria does abstract painting, loves to cook (chicken adobo), enjoys gardening and arts and crafts. She loves creating something useful out of what others might throw away. She loves nature and comments on the natural beauty of the campus.

Maria says she is famous for caring for others. In fact, when she was still in the Philippines, she fed and ministered to up to 80 children a day who lived in impoverished conditions and ar-ranged continued help for them before she came to the U.S. SH&S and Maria’s boys are now benefiting from the joy she gets from helping others and we consider ourselves lucky in-deed. Thank you Maria!!!

____Machele Lawless

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