Employee Spotlight - Lee Ann Mullis - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Lee Ann Mullis

We are shining the July Employee Spotlight today on someone who is always a light for those around her.  Lee Ann Mullis came to Stewart Home & School on December 10, 2015—an early Christmas Present for SH&S for sure!  In the first month, we knew we had made a great choice for our Chief Financial Officer position both from a professional standpoint as well as someone who fit in just perfectly.

Lee Ann was quick to introduce her family to us and says her best memory of Stewart Home & School is when she and her family came to their first Family Weekend dance.  She says that is when she knew the true meaning of “Stewart Home Family” that she heard so much about—and knew she was blessed to be a part of it.

When asked what Lee Ann thinks has changed the most since she came to Stewart Home & School, she remarks what a big change the Student Health facility has made.  As for what has stayed the same, Lee Ann says “The feeling that we are all  doing something we love.  Our support of one another and our commitment to our mission of lifelong learning has not changed—even through tough times.”

 Lee Ann’s File

 Favorite Book

“Love Does”

Favorite Movie

“Remember the Titans”

Favorite Restaurant

“Local Feed”

Favorite Season


Favorite Sports Team

“Pittsburgh Steelers”

Favorite Vacation

“Any Beach”

In what little spare time Lee Ann has,  she enjoys anything creative—crafting, art, drawing, painting hand-lettering, etc.  She especially enjoys hiking trips with her family—husband Eric, daughters,  Laney and Joella and son, Isaac.  She loves music and church—and is really missing her church family since in-person services were suspended.

Lee Ann came to us with a great educational and employment background, including her work as Treasurer for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky.  We consider ourselves fortunate indeed that she chose Stewart Home & School, and has such an obvious love and devotion for our students. 

-Machele Lawless

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