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State Equestrian Recap

Results from Sunday’s SOKY Equestrian State Meet:


Danny & Big Boy:

English Equitation CS –Gold

English Working Trails CS — Silver


Amanda & Casper:

Dressage CI–Gold

English Equitation CI— Gold


Alex & Casper:

English Equitation CI– Gold

English Working Trails  CI—Silver


Steve & Big Boy:

English Equitation CI— Silver

English Working Trails  CI– Gold


Courtney & Casper:

English Equitation CI–Gold

English Working Trails CI– Silver


Nancy & Big Boy:

English Equitation CI— Silver

English Working Trails CI—Gold


Morgan & Jack:

Western Equitation CS— 4th

Western Working Trails CS—Silver


Walker & Jack:  

Western Equitation CS—Bronze

Western Working Trails  CS—Bronze


John & Blue

Western Equitation CS— 5th

Western Working Trails CS–  Gold


Lisa & Blue

Western Equitation CI—Bronze

Western Working Trails CI— Gold


Douglas & Jack:

Western Equitation BS—  Gold

Western Working Trails BS—Silver


Rachel & Blue:

Western Equitation CI— Gold

Western Working Trails CI—Bronze


Totals:  12 Riders, 24 Classes


Medals:  Gold-11, Silver-7, Bronze- 4, 4th– 1, 5th-1


Staff: Betsy Grewe, Abby Schrey, Michaela Cummins, Pam Stidham, Jen Wheeler, Myles Young, Eddy Shouse and Zach Tipton

Photos by: Myles Young, Michaela Cummins, Zach Tipton and Jen Horsemen.

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