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Learning at Lunch with Mrs. Rachael Stewart

Today I took my ladies’ Community Based Instruction class to Panera to practice skills required for a “fast food/café” restaurant.  The skills practiced were the following:

  1. Appropriate dress for an outing
  2. Ordering at a counter
  3. Using a credit card machine by following the directions on the machine
  4. Picking up their order and getting their drinks
  5. Using proper etiquette
  6. Cleaning up the table before leaving


The ladies had a great time and all were polite and needed very little assistance.  I was very proud of them.



“It was really fun to go out.  I got to socialize with my friends and it was my first time using a credit card machine.  I thought I would have to enter a password but I didn’t and I didn’t have to sign. It was a new experience.”  –  Kristen.






“It was fun and educational.  It reminded me to use my manners and reminded me of the manners my Mom taught me when I was little.  I also learned how to use a credit card machine.  I have never in 22 years of my life used a credit card machine.” – Christine










“It reminded me how to use a credit card because I used to have trouble when I had a debit card.  I had a lot of fun.”  – Abbey







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