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Staff VS Student Softball Game

We just wrapped up our very own field of dreams softball game where the Panthers challenged the SHS staff to a battle royal! The stands were packed as the staff took to bat first. After three runs scored, Patrick secured the last out on first base allowing the Panthers to come bat. Anna Hart was the Panther’s first batter and line drove one to short stop. Unfortunately, the short stop (yours truly) secured out number one. At that moment the boos from the crowd began to outweigh the cheers. We (the staff) quickly realized that we we’re definitely the villain! Rob put some heat on the ball up the middle but it was knocked down by Jonah for out number two! Out number three came when Marti hit a solid ball up the first base line where Michael Ghant stepped on the bag! Three up, three down!

The second inning was filled with more intensity as the staff scored three more runs off by massive hits by Alicia and Trey. However, you could feel a change in the air when the Panther’s approached the plate! The Panther’s went on to score six runs with big hits by the entire team. Just when the staff thought they got the final out, Michael Ghant made a controversial call stating Trey dropped the ball on a forced out at third base. WHAT!?! Sorry Trey, I think I’m going to side with Michael. Gotta hold the ball securely in the glove and not drop it! Word on the street is Trey is still with the umpires giving them an ear full and kicking dirt on their shoes! 🙂

The third inning really heated up as Marta sprinted to first on a single and was batted in by Michael. Abby Schrey also scored on a high fly double by Charles! With the staff up 8-6, we knew we couldn’t let the Panthers score three runs or it was over. Well, guess what?…. They smoked us on their next at bat.

The final score was 9-8 with Abby driving in the winning run!

As the crowd cheered in excitement, high fives, and fist bumps were exchanged by all proving that at the end of the day it was all about having fun! Congrats Panthers, it was an exciting game! Happy Friday everyone!

_Myles Young

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  1. John Stewart says:

    Students get the best of Staff !

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