Employee of the Month - Melissa Woods - Stewart Home & School

Employee of the Month – Melissa Woods

Melissa Woods started working at Stewart Home & School in September, 2017.  She initially worked as a sub houseparent, before she transferred to her current Residential Support Staff position. Her best memory since working here would be the day she was moving in on her first day of employment. She met Bonnie. Bonnie asked who she was, so Melissa told her and she asked Bonnie, in turn, her name.  She introduced herself as “Bonnie” and I know every man on this campus!”

The biggest change Melissa has seen at Stewart Home & School was when the students all went home for the COVID break.  She said it was so lonely without their laughter, sounds, and even their yells. She felt like the one thing that has stayed consistent is the unconditional love from the residents.  You can be having the worst day, and their hugs and greetings as you walk through campus can change everything in the blink of an eye.

Melissa loves to visit with her family and to connect and build relationships with others. She loves to laugh with others.  “It is truly the best medicine!”

  Melissa’s File

    Favorite Book

“It “by Stephen King .

Favorite Season


(Loves to go swimming.)

Favorite Restaurant

“Anything Mexican”

Favorite Vacation

“Travel to Europe and Ireland”

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys reading, listening to music, and dancing. If she had not come to work at SH&S, Melissa said she would probably be caring for children in some capacity.  She would love to be a foster parent, if she ever won the lottery.  She says she is famous for making people laugh, and for her quick witted responses to questions and conversation.  Tammy Blau says Melissa is a hard worker, and she can trust Melissa  to complete any project thoroughly!

Melissa, Thank you for your service & for your genuine love & care for our students.    

                     _Krista Lumpkins

2 comments on Employee of the Month – Melissa Woods

  1. Katherine Eversole says:

    Glad to see her hard work is being noticed. Love and miss all of you. Stay safe.

  2. Madison Cullinan says:

    Melissa was always so sweet when I had her as a sub. She was so full of personality to, I noticed during my volunteer time at residential. I truly miss the students at SHS but our paths will bring us together again sometime.

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