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Running for a Cause

When Frankfort’s Frosty 5k and the Fred and Me 143 Fun Run took place a few weeks ago, there was a greater cause that the Stewart Home & School student council was running for. Sure, it was fun to dress up in costumes and compete to be the best; but for our students it was about “giving back” to our wonderful community of Frankfort!

On Sunday, December 8th, Mary Shouse along with students, Douglas, Kim, Anna, Erica and Kevin, signed up and competed in the Annual Frosty 5k and the Fred and Me 143 Fun Run. They weren’t competing for themselves, they were competing to give two young boys a memorable Christmas.

Just a little more than a month ago after the student council was elected, an idea to give back was the first order of business by the students. It was agreed upon that for every entry that was entered into either race, SH&S would match the registration fees to be used for the local angel tree program. “I was so proud of our students for wanting to provide to those who are less fortunate” said SH&S Superintendent, David Sellwood.  

The 5k and Fun Run was a hit amongst Frankfort as hundreds of competitors showed up to compete in some pretty dazzling costumes. One of those top finishers was our own Kevin, who finished 3rd in his class all while rocking an Olaf snowman costume. Great job, Kev!

This week, members of the student council made the trip to Wal-Mart to give back to the local angel tree program. They picked out two little boys who live in Frankfort to shop for. Their names and Christmas wishes are identified on tags that hang on the angel tree. “We were able to get them toys and clothes” said SH&S student, Dorothy. The students raised enough money to check off everything from both lists, ensuring that the two boys Christmas’ were going to be very fulfilling.

This holiday season we’re thankful to be surrounded by some of the most thoughtful students around. Whether they were involved with the idea of the donation, participated in the races, or just gave praise, we’re all proud of the generosity and continuous selflessness that is at the heart of this Holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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