Employee Spotlight- Matt Gravitt - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight- Matt Gravitt

We are welcoming into the December, 2019 Spotlight Matthew E. “Matt” Gravitt, Grounds/Maintenance employee.

Matt came on board in April, 2015 with a wealth of experience in landscaping, backhoe, skid steer,   0-Turn mowers, snow removal and more and jumped in with  both feet.  It seemed like he had been here forever.  In fact, he practically had, having worked for the Dailey family (across the street) since he was a teenager.

His references described him as quiet, honest, hard working, kind, compassionate and wonderful.  In his time with us, we have found every one of these descriptions to be right on the money.

When asked what Matt thinks has changed the most since he came to Stewart Home & School, he is quick to answer, “The New Student Health Building.”  As for what has stayed the same since he came here, he replies, “The work never changes.   We are always busy.”

Matt`s File

Favorite Restaurant:


Favorite Season:


Favorite Team:

“U of L Basketball and Football”

Favorite Vacation:

“Any lake”

Matt says he is known for his strong back and for being a good worker.  In his spare time, he works part-time on the Dailey farm.  He hopes to have his own farm some day with cattle and to grow corn and beans.  He also enjoys spending time with daughter Sadie, who clearly has him wrapped around her finger.  I asked what she wants for Christmas, and Matt said a recent trip to WalMart would suggest she wants everything she sees.  

Matt says if he had not come to SH&S he might still be working full time for the Dailey’s.  We are fortunate indeed that he chose to come work with us and recognize him today for his many talents.

  _Machele Lawless

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