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Richie’s Restaurant Review – China Buffet

I went on a town trip with Peggy, Douglas, and Austin. We went to China Buffet. A buffet is were you go through a line and you choose what you want to eat. China Buffet has many locations. They give you many choices from Chinese food and American food. We had food like Mac and Cheese, Chicken, Pizza, Fish, Pot Stickers, Sushi, Fried Rice, and Noodles. We all had a Fortune Cookie. They also have a Mongolian Grill. It was tasty and fast because the food is already cooked you just have to get a plate and walk through the line and choose what you want to eat. The total for the 4 of us was $34.27. it’s a great place to take a large group of people. I would recommend this restaurant because it is a great place to take your family when they come to Kentucky


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