Employee Spotlight - Marcia Pepper - Stewart Home & School

Employee Spotlight – Marcia Pepper

What a pleasure it is for me to introduce into our August Spotlight, our Administrative Assistant/Receptionist, Marcia Pepper.  Marcia began her employment with Stewart Home & School in March, 2015.  She was hired to be Sandy and Shelley’s Administrative Assistant and still serves in that role today.  Marcia is the voice of Stewart Home & School.  She takes answering our calls to the next level….always trying to help or get an answer rather than just transferring a call.  She keeps up with emails, inquiries and enrollments as well as other day-to-day duties.  She keeps everyone on their toes!

What Marcia loves the most about her job is getting to read about  potential students and their backgrounds.  She also loves meeting those students and their families and developing relationships with them as they become part of the SH&S family.   

Marcia also likes knowing every day is a new day.  It is always a surprise and can be so refreshing.  She never gets bored!  You never know who is going to come through that front or side door or just call on the phone needing something. 

The best memory Marcia has—and I quote— “Shortly after I came to work at SH&S, I realized, I can’t imagine not having come to know our students and how much a part of my life they are!” 

Marcia says she was brought to SH&S  by  “Our Lord”.  She had been actively looking for a job for five months to no avail.  She quotes “He led me here”.  There is no doubt in my  mind He did.  We are so blessed to have her!

What Marcia thinks has changed the most about SH&S since she came is the new Student Health building and travel office.  She says the updates have made such a difference in the way student health and travel is handled.    What hasn’t changed is the love for our students.  This is demonstrated constantly by our staff.

Marcia’s File

Favorite Book

“The Bible”

Favorite Movie

“The Magic of

Ordinary Days”

Favorite Restaurant


Favorite Vacation

“The Mountains”

Favorite Season


Marcia enjoys playing the piano and cooking in her spare time but her true joy is her cat “Jiffy Pop”.  Her face lights up when she talks about her.  Marcia treats her like and calls her a princess.

If Marcia had not come to Stewart Home & School she feels she would have continued to look for an administrative job.  She looks forward to coming to work to seeing our students and the staff she works with.  She said she feels like “I’m in the right place”!

You are absolutely correct Marcia, and we love having you as part of our Stewart Home & School family.

                  ___Donna Taylor, Office Manager

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  1. Edna Presley says:

    Thank you Marcia for being such an important part of SH&S!
    Edna Presley (James Presley’s mom)

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