A Look Inside the Stewart Home & School Mayor's Race: By Margaret Christmas - Stewart Home & School

A Look Inside the Stewart Home & School Mayor’s Race: By Margaret Christmas

This year I was asked to help guide our students that wanted to be on our student council. My first task was to help out with our Mayor race. Our students meet with Mary Shouse and myself, and then decide if they would like to throw their hat into the ring. After that decision is made; our students get started on their speeches outlining their platforms. Some of their issues include big trips, food ideas how to improve our campus, and new recreational activities.

This has been a wonderful experience for me, to watch these students not only run against each other, but they also chose to help each other. Each student was offered advice from previous winners; they also helped each other with campaign posters, and gave tips about being nervous while delivering their speeches on stage in front of the entire school.

Our students love the voting process, and they take pride in their decisions. Watching them come to the game room, and cast their ballot was educational for me.  They really do listen to the speeches, and vote for the person that they feel will make changes for them.

What an honor it was to be part of this process, and I look forward to taking part next year.

Thank You,

Margaret Christmas


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