Recap of the 2017 Mr. and Miss Stewart Home & School Pageant - Stewart Home & School

Recap of the 2017 Mr. and Miss Stewart Home & School Pageant

The 2017 Mr. and Miss Stewart Home and Pageant was held Thursday, October 5th to a crowd that consisted of staff, students, friends and family. If you we’re not able to tune into our live stream broadcast, we have the a highlight video and list of all of the winners below. Special thanks to Megan Spaulding and Rachel Stewart for coordinating the pageant.



Congratulations to all of the winners! 

Jessica – Miss Sunshine

David – Mr. Fabulous

Lindsay – Miss Outgoing

Hershel – Mr. Shook

Gianna – Miss Sophisticated

Kenny – Mr. Perfection

Vickie – Miss Dance Fever

Zach – Mr. Cereative

Amanda – Miss Loyal

Bill – Mr. Terrific

Rachel – Miss Fantastic

Douglass – Mr. Stylish

Cathee – Miss Wondrful

Austin – Mr. Helpful

Mary Ann – Miss Go-Getter

Shannon – Miss Friendly

Christine – Miss Stylish

Alice – Miss Sweetness

Kaitlyn – Miss Enthusiastic

Michael – Mr. Dependable

Arie – Miss Positive

Tina – Miss Rhythm

Kevin – Mr. Sunshine

Heather – Miss Smiley

Erica – Miss Perfection

Morgan – Miss Creative

Andy – Mr. Thoughtful

Ida – Miss Fabulous

Katy – Miss Shook

Ellen – Miss Helpful

Luke – Mr. Passionate

Kristen – Miss Faithful

Jennifer – Miss Dependable

Jennifer – Miss Thoughtful

Norman – Mr. Faithful

Margaret – Miss Patient

Alison – Miss Responsible

Jane – Miss Passionate

Peter – Mr. Talent

Chelsea – Miss Talent

Camray – Mr. Congeniality

Peggy – Miss Congeniality

Matt – Mr. Royalty

Madison – Miss Royalty

Gary – Prince

Lauren – Princess

Mike – Mr. SHS

Caroline – Miss SHS

2 comments on Recap of the 2017 Mr. and Miss Stewart Home & School Pageant

  1. Edna Presley says:

    Fantastic! Winners and pageant!

  2. Maria de Haseth says:

    Congratulations to all of you. Keep chasing excellence!

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