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Sharon’s Movie Review: Super Mario Bros

Back by popular demand – Sharon’s Movie Reviews!

Sharon recently watched the new Super Mario Bros. movie and had this to say:

(warning, may contain spoilers)

The Super Mario Bros Movie is one of the best computer animated movies that has come out in 2023. This movie will become popular and famous since Mario Bros. is a well known video game. The story, plot, music, and characters are really the best of it’s kind. The story starts off in when Mario and his brother, Luigi, are transported to another world of kings, queens, turtles and villains. They help a queen battle with evil to get her mushroom planet land back. All of the SHS students went to see the movie last week and we all loved it. We all clapped and cheered all the way to the end of the movie. I give this movie five stars and two thumbs up. This movie is cute and adorable. The whole family will love it.



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