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Sharon’s Movie Review – Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes is a true mystery story right out of Hollywood with lots of twists and around every corner when you least expect it a surprise comes up. This Sherlock Gnomes movie is the best out of the two gnomes movies. The story and the movie soundtrack are the greatest. All the Stewart Home & School students, including I, went to see it. They all loved it and cheered on the heroes which were the gnomes of course. This is a must see family movie and I give this movie five stars and two thumbs up. This movie could win an Academy Award for best picture and sound track. It’s a story about the gnomes being put in a new garden, then all the gnomes get kidnapped. Sherlock Gnomes and his partner, Dr. Watson, plus the help of other gnomes go hunting for clues to rescue all the gnomes before they get smashed to pieces by the villain. The movie has a very happy ending to it also.

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