Prom 2023 - Welcome to the Jungle - Stewart Home & School

Prom 2023 – Welcome to the Jungle

By: Paige Davis, School Programs Recreation Department

Stewart Home & School had their student prom on June 21, 2023. The theme for prom was Welcome To The Jungle! Summer Staff members Izzi, Paige, Sarah, Jake, and Lucy decorated the gym to look like an animal-filled jungle! The gym really looked like a jungle! It was great to see the students so excited for the decorations, the music, and their peers!

After getting dressed up the students got to go bananas in the gym with their friends and staff members. They were greeted at the door with animal headbands and hats that they got to keep. They were also provided snacks and refreshments that matched the theme! Our SHS Prom Queen was Janie and our Prom King was Jack. Our Prom Princess was Kayla and our Prom Prince was Ben. Overall, the night was a success and we couldn’t be more proud of the students and staff! 

Photos by: Myles Young

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