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Mr. and Miss Stewart Home & School Pageant

Wednesday evening was a night to remember as 45 of our students competed in the Annual Mr. and Miss Stewart Home & School Pageant.  The participants opened the pageant with a choreographed dance and then followed it up with individual and group talent performances. Lastly, each participant showcased their favorite formal-wear attire as they we’re introduced in front of the packed gym. It was a spectacular night and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for co-directors, Rachael Stewart and Megan Spaulding, with support from Margaret Christmas, Ashley Goodpaster, Michael Ghant, Rachel Ray and student worker, Caroline. Congratulations to all of our winners!


Douglass – Mr. Amazing                             

Christine – Miss Terrific

Abby – Miss Amazing                                

Kurt – Mr. Terrific

Jennifer – Miss Sophisticated                   

Jessica – Miss Shining Star

David – Miss Sophisticated                        

Peter – Mr. Shining Star

Katie – Miss Dependable                            

Tina – Miss Sunshine

Hershel – Mr. Dependable                         

Gary – Mr. Sunshine

Shannon – Miss Outgoing                           

Alison  – Miss Faithful

Matt – Mr. Outgoing                                     

Camray – Mr. Faithful

Lindsay – Miss Fabulous                             

Jamey – Miss Entertainer

Caroline – Miss Dreamy                               

Eric – Mr. Entertainer

David – Mr. Dreamy                                       

Gianna – Miss Helpful

Morgan – Miss Starlight                               

James – Mr. Helpful

Philip – Mr. Starlight                                   

Jennifer – Miss Perfection

Heather  – Miss Sweetness                         

Luke – Mr. Perfection

Zach – Mr. Sweetness                                 

Peggy – Miss Showstopper

Ellen – Miss Go Getter                                 

Jack – Mr. Showstopper

Vickie – Miss Stylish                                   

Margaret – Miss Dedication

Lauren – Miss Creative                              


 Mike – Mr. Talent

Erica – Miss Talent


Amanda – Miss Congeniality

Austin – Mr. Congeniality


Andy – Mr. Royalty

Melissa – Miss Royalty


Lane – Stewart Home Prince

Madison – Stewart Home Princess


Bill – Mr. Stewart Home School

Loretta – Miss Stewart Home School


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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. charlene lausche says:

    what a wonderful school and thank you for all you do

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