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Life is Like a Road Trip – Katie’s Story

Katie, a student at Stewart Home & School, is an inspiring motivational speaker. Katie’s journey has been unbelievable and her goal in 2019 is to share her story with as many people as possible. Watch below as she debuts “Life is Like a Road Trip.”

12 comments on Life is Like a Road Trip – Katie’s Story

  1. Edna Presley says:

    Wonderful and inspiring presentation from Katie!
    Thank you,
    Edna Presley

  2. Diane Douglas says:

    Katie, I am so proud of the poise and grace you have shown as you share your amazing story of survival. Even more heart-warming is your appreciation of those who have continued to love and prayerfully support you on this journey. 💕😇.

  3. Amy Burke says:

    Katie I am so proud of you! You may remember me, it has been a very long time, but I am one of your mom’s friends from high school. Guess what? I live in Lexington, not far from you and I would love to visit you and have you over if you would like sometime. You are such an inspiration and I am so happy you are on a mission to help others. God bless you sweet girl.

  4. Ginger McLendon says:

    What a wonderful, inspirational speech this is! It is clear that your message comes from the heart based on your own experience with a life-changing illness. Stewart Home School offers such an excellent program to help their students on their life journey. Our family is thankful for the opportunities it is giving folks. May the Lord bless you on your life journey. No doubt your positive, encouraging message will have a positive impact on those who hear it.

  5. Peggy Wiggins says:

    I am so proud of you! What a wonderful attitude you have. Yes you do have wonderful parents and what a smart young lady you have become. Stay positive!!
    Love from Fairhope!!!
    Your Friend,
    Peggy Wiggins

  6. Cheryl Wise says:

    Great video! You have come a long way and you have a wonderful trip ahead of you. Love you Katie. Ms. Wise

  7. Ginny Lima says:

    Katie, that was beautiful and inspirational! I am a friend of your mom and have been following your story for a decade. It has been a roller coaster indeed, but you speak so beautifully and your smile lights up a room! I live in Boston but would love to meet you someday. Hugs to you and Happy 2019!

  8. Lyn Stuart says:

    Katie — You did such a great job! I am so proud of you!!

  9. Tom Minick says:

    Fantastic — and inspiring!

  10. Karen H. Davies says:

    Awesome and Beautiful. Love and prayers for you everyday.

  11. Donna Anderson says:

    Katie thanks for sharing you and your parents story! You are such an inspiration! Blessings Donna Anderson

  12. Susie Hamlin says:

    Katie, you’re r dad and I are so proud of you. Thanks be to God! You are so fortunate to be at Stewart Home and School where they obviously love you and plan to nurture you and help you reach your personal goals .Your speech was quite impressive. Love you!❤️

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