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Employee Spotlight – Yaa Nsafoah

When we look outside, we see the sun warming the ground all around us. Summer is full of activity and fun here at Stewart Home and School, and that’s exactly what our May Employee Spotlight represents. This month we recognize Yaa Nsafoah for her calm, warm, and fun-loving spirit.

When Yaa was hired by Machele she began in Laundry and worked some nights in Recreation. It wasn’t long before she realized she loved being around our amazing students and wanted to spend more time with them. After awhile, Yaa was offered a full-time Recreation/School Program position, and we are thrilled to have her! Yaa is reliable, hard working, and her calm, cool personality is a strong asset in all situations. In Recreation she is engaging and encouraging of our students participation in fun activities, and in School Program she is a reliable, caring substitute in classrooms. We absolutely love having her here with us on campus!

When asked what her favorite memory was Yaa said she couldn’t narrow down just one. She said she loves working with our students every day!! We know that they love being with her also!

When asked what has changed the most at Stewart Home and School, she acknowledged all of the changes we had to make during the Covid pandemic and how different everything had to be over the last year. We are all so thrilled and excited to be getting back to our normal routines once again.

Speaking of the Covid pandemic, when Yaa was asked what remained the same she said the cleanliness of the school, and how we were able to keep everyone safe by reminding our students daily of hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing to maintain the safety of our students. We sure are glad for all of our protocols, and constant cleanliness also. Like Yaa, we are incredibly thankful to our cleaning crew and all the staff that work tirelessly to maintain a safe environment.

Yaa’s File

Favorite Book

“The Bible”

Favorite Season


Favorite Sports Team





Favorite Movie

“Prodigal Son”

As much as we love having Yaa here, we were curious to know what she thought she might have been doing if she had not come to work at Stewart Home & School. She said that before she applied here, she wanted to go back to school for her nursing degree. Yaa, we know you would have been a fantastic nurse because you are warm, loving, and so attentive, but we consider ourselves very blessed that you chose Stewart Home & School instead. 

We just want to say that we cannot thank you enough for all you do for all of the students and staff. Our students love you. 

You are truly a caring, warm-hearted gift to our school, and we love having you here!  Thank you again!

__David Sellwood

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