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Employee Spotlight – Robin Johns

I am very happy to get the opportunity to Spotlight Robin John’s. She came to SH&S in November of 2018, as the School Program Reading teacher, hired by David Sellwood. After doing that for al-most 2 years, Robin decided that she would like to do more hands on care for our residents, so I happily accepted her into the Residential Department, as a Girls Self -Care Supervisor. Shortly after that, we moved her to Residential Support staff, because doing personal care was her true passion. She has been invaluable in this position! She is very willing and enthusiastic about anything I ask her to do. Just a few of her tasks have been: working buildings, training staff, packing residents, assisting houseparents, moving residents. She is multitalented!

Robin enjoys her job, simply because of the population she gets to work with! They are very special to her! When they moved to this area, Robin and her husband were moving closer to Lexington, so their daughter could go to a special school more suited to her needs. She says it was then God’s calling to her to apply to work at SH&S, working with people she loved!

Robin said she has had too many fond memories here and couldn’t just name one.

The constants that Robin has seen here at SH&S are the feeling of being a family, team-work and the way everyone is embraced with love! The biggest changes have been the changes brought about by the epidemic.

Favorite book: Anything about t near death experiences and Changing Our Mind

Favorite movie: While You Were Sleeping

Favorite restau-rant: China Buffett

Favorite vacation spot: The mountains

Favorite season: Spring

Hobbies: binge reading and spending time with family, especially her grandchildren

Robin says she is famous for writing some books, but in our department she is famous for constantly losing something! 🙂

Robin doesn’t have any one crazy thing that has happened to her. We, in the Residential Department, would say that there’s something crazy about every day with Robin! We would also say that working with Robin is a pleasure, because she has such a great attitude and a deep love for the residents! No matter what building she has recently worked, it’s always her FAVORITE building!

We are so thankful God led Robin to SH&S!!

-Tammy Blau

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