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Employee Spotlight – Marcus Young

Marcus Young started his career here at SHS on 12/3/2018.  He was hired by Machele Lawless and Ricky Gaines.  Marcus has been a integral member of the Housekeeping crew from the start, but he also works part-time with the Recreation Department.  He most enjoys interacting with the students on a one on one basis and working with the Housekeeping team.  Prior to coming to work here, Marcus was working with the custodial department at Anderson County High School (with Larry Anderson and Doug Murphy, ironically enough!)  His brother, Myles, encouraged him to apply here, and the rest is history. Marcus was looking for better hours, and never dreamed he’d love the environment here so much.  His best memories here are when he’s played in the staff vs. student basketball games, when he referees the student basketball games, and the special meals he shares with his fellow workers.

When asked what has changed the most since he’s come—he stated it has been his ability to do his work.  He said that learning the building rotation they have for cleaning, and what the differences are within each building has been a challenge.  Now that he has it under his belt, he said the one thing that is constant is that there is always something that needs cleaning.  ALSO, His nickname is Kees, and he loves music. 

Marcus’ Faves List


Fast and Furious


Taco Bell

Sports Team—


Vacation Spot— Sanibel Island, FL.


In his off time, Marcus enjoys  recording and writing rap music. He collects wrestling memorabilia and has a large DVD collection (over 200!). He says if he has not come to SHS, he would probably still be with ACHS.  He (and his family) are famous for appearing on Family Feud in October, 2015 and that is also his craziest experience!

Ricky Gaines, Marcus’ supervisor, describes him as very dependable, has a great sense of humor, is very respectful to staff and students, and is willing to do any task that he is asked to do.  Thank you, Marcus for choosing SHS, we are the lucky ones here!   – Krista Lumpkins

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  1. Tyler Whittaker says:

    Hey I like sanibel island too! Congrats Marcus!

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