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Employee Spotlight – Jeremy West

Everyone knows that the month of February is all about LOVE. Just looking around Stewart Home and School we see giant Conversation Hearts, fun banners, and our students are looking forward to their Valentine’s Day parties and the Sweethearts Dance. George Sand once said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” Here at SHS, love means compassion, strength, friendship, warmth, devotion, respect, and adoration. We couldn’t think of a better representation of those characteristics that Jere-my West. Over the last four years, Jeremy has put his heart and soul into all that he does here on campus, and our students adore him for it.

Jeremy began here in October 2018 as a Recreation Assistant, and quickly impressed us with his dedication and involvement. After moving into our Vocational Director position, we saw how well he integrated technology and knew that along with his active nature, he’d be a great candidate for our Recreation Director. He’s coached many sports throughout the years, including basketball, swimming, and softball, as well as leading FCA, personal training, and helping out with our IT department. He loves our students to be involved, as well as healthy and happy as possible.

It’s no surprise that during his time here, he claims his favorite memories are of the Splash Parties each summer. They are full of fun and energy, just like him!

Since being here, and being involved with so many departments, he says the most consistent change has been with the people he has worked with. We agree, one of the biggest blessings we have is our college out-reach and internship programs during the summer. So many new faces to love our students as much as Jeremy does.

However, no matter who comes in and out of our lives, the one thing he says that has not changed is the unconditional love of our students!

Jeremys Picks:

Fave Season— Fall

Fave Book— Eragon

Fave Sports Team—Detroit Tigers

Fave Restaurant – Chuy’s Mexican

Fave Vacation Spot— Boone Mountain, NC

We asked Jeremy, if he hadn’t found SHS, what he would be doing instead? His heart didn’t wander too far, as he replied that Home Health is where he’d be. We know that with his caring attention to each student, that he would be a wonderful, dedicated employee, bringing joy to his patients every day.

While we think of February with fondness for those we care about, we reflect on Jeremy’s dedication and service. Through his involvement with FCA, we know he cares about our students building a personal relationship with God, and implements His teachings in his everyday duties. These teachings have built friendships with the students and faculty, and his actions are always kind, giving, and thoughtful.

We appreciate you, Jeremy, for all of the heart and soul you have dedicated to the students and staff at SHS. We are so thankful that we get to celebrate you during the month of Love.

-David Sellwood

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  1. Kristin says:

    We love Jeremy, too! What an incredible staff SHS has! ❤️

  2. We so appreciate all that Jeremy does for the students at SHS. My son and I talk almost daily in the evening and he almost always mentions some way in which Jeremy has interacted with him or others that day. May God continue to bless Jeremy in all that he does.

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