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Employee Spotlight – Cindy Clouse

Cindy Clouse came to SHS on August 2, 2018. She was hired by Tammy Blau as (and has only worked as) the housemother on Camelot. She is best described as a loving housemother that ad-vocates for her residents and provides a welcoming home to “her girls”.

Cindy says she loves having a big SHS family and be-ing needed. She applied after she saw an ad in Jobs magazine. When she looked at the school web page, she was intrigued, espe-cially after she saw the Thriller video.

She wanted to help people!

Her best memory since working here has been when the students came back to campus after being sent home for COVID. She was so glad to see them return. When asked what has changed the most since she came here, she replies “Me.” She feels she has found peace and security here. She loves her building & the girls in her care. The one constant she has each day is making sure their needs are met.


Restaurant: Los Dos Amigos in Nicholasville

Book: The Gashlycrumb

Tinies by Edward Gorey

Movie: anything with Johnny Depp

Season: Spring

Vacation spot: Daniel Boone National Forest

Her hobbies in-clude any type of needle craft and napping! (She says she is blue ribbon level at that!)

If she hadn’t come to SHS, she would prob-ably be doing some sort of meaningless job that she hated, and we would not have had the opportunity to have any of her FAMOUS chocolate cake!

(I can attest, it is divine!)

Cindy has earned an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Management.She states the craziest thing that has ever happened to her would be when was she was doctoring a sick turkey. While giving the turkey an antibiotic shot, it flapped its wings and the needle went in her hand!!

WE are so happy you landed in our nest here, Cindy!!

-Tammy Blau

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