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Employee Spotlight – Charles Hagg

There’s a chill in the air and frost on the ground.  Decorations are starting to sprinkle as good cheer abounds.  It’s the time of year we remember all that we are thankful for and blessed by.  Here, in the heart of November, we could not be more appreciative of our Employee Spotlight recipient, Charles Hagg. 

Charles came to Stewart Home & School in February, 2018 to work in Recreation.  We knew immediately with being retired from the Owen County School system, that his background, humor, maturity, experience, leadership and love of education would be the perfect fit for our students!  Over the last four years he has shown us that he can fill in in most any position in School Program.  From Attendance to Substitute Teacher to Recreation Leader, Charles has been the epitome of excellence in both performance and kindness.  Both our students and staff speak so highly of the fairness and laughter Charles exudes.  His ability to bring peace to conflict, confidence to unassured or tranquility to fear, will put a smile on anyone’s face.  He carries with him a gentle balance of fun comradery that is palpable and a stoicism that is always reliable under pressure. 

Charles favorite memory of SH&S was his first Family Weekend—meeting the families and participating in the most fun weekend of the year! 

When asked what has changed the most since Charles came to SH&S, he said that just like everywhere Covid had created a whole new way of interaction with each other and the outside community.  We had many changes here at school, but were lucky to still be able to come together again.  As for what has remained the same, Charles responded, “The love and care of our staff for our students.”

    Charles’ File

 Favorite Book

“Once an Eagle”

Favorite Season


Favorite Vacation

“South Dakota”

Favorite Restaurant

“Lobster Pot


Favorite Team


In his free time Charles loves to Garden.  He says if he had not come to work at Stewart Home & School, he might have returned to assist in public education. 

Charles, we are so glad you chose us instead of full retirement.  Your calm, quiet but kind and fun demeanor is such an asset and key to your relationships with our students.  We also acknowledge and appreciate your leadership skills. 

This November we take a look back at all we have done over the last year and remember what we are thankful for, and I  know that when we count our blessings, we will count Charles twice!

_David Sellwood

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  1. Cynthia VanDeWeerd says:

    So glad you’re a part of SH&S!

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