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Employee Spotlight – Abby Schrey

September marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  It is full of bright, beautiful colors and cool, crisp air.  It’s a time of change, both for the weather, surrounding greenery and for us here at Stewart Home & School.  Here, we begin our fall schedule and that means new classes, lots of fun fall activities, and making new friends.  It is a time of excitement, hard work and building new experiences.  We are proud to announce Abby Schrey as our wonderful September Spotlight!!!  Just like the certainty of changing trees, Abby’s dedication to the Equestrian Program and her love of our amazing students remains steady.

Abby began at Stewart Home & School in May, 2017 in the Equine Program and remains in that position today.  Her love for horses and her hard–working spirit were a perfect match for SH&S,  When Abby isn’t at the horse barn she can often be found subbing in a classroom or working in Recreation.  She is as versatile as she is sweet, and we love that her knowledge of our students and programming extends beyond the horse barn.

When asked what her favorite memory of SH&S is, Abby said she has two!!  Her first brought out a big laugh when she revealed that she once received a horse-shaped toilet paper dispenser for the barn from Peter and his mom!  Her second favorite memory is a collection of amazing times she has had taking Annahart to her horse shows—making her feel like her “horse mom” where she could cheer her on from the sidelines.

When asked what has been the biggest change Abby has seen since she came to work here, she replied that it is the new walkway down to the barn and remarked how beautiful it is.  We are thankful that the removal of the stairs and the widening of the sidewalk now allows for easier access for the students who both walk and have to be transported to the barn.  For what has stayed the same, Abby says watching the devotion of the student workers like Lisa, Alisa and Annahart who help get students to and from the barn.

  Abby’s File

Favorite Season


Favorite Sports Team

“St. Louis Blues”



“BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse”

Favorite Vacation

“Any Beach”

In her spare time, Abby enjoys spending time with and putting puzzles together with her friends.  She says if she had not chosen to come to work at Stewart Home & School, she would probably have gone back to college to earn a degree in Special Education.

Whether she is taking care of horses down in the barn, doing equine lessons with students, filling in for Teachers or helping out in Recreation, we know that Abby is one hard-working filly!!!  We don’t know what we would do without her love, care and guidance.

Abby, thank you for all you do for the students and Equine program here at Stewart Home & School.  We will forever be grateful for your hard work, dedication and love for our students!!!

__David Sellwood

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  1. Madison Cullinan says:

    You’re the best, Abby!!!!!!!

  2. Judy Chapman says:

    What a wonderful testament to her dedication and love for what she does!

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