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Did You Know – with Madison, The Kentucky Derby

Known as the greatest two minutes in sports, this year’s Kentucky Derby will be talked about for years to come. Madison is back with another outstanding report, this time explaining the stewards decision to disqualify 1st place finisher, Maximum Security. Great job, Madison!

Maximum Security’s Disqualification 

If you watched the Kentucky Derby, you saw Maximum Security get disqualified. This is the very first time a horse has been disqualified from 1stin the KY Derby. What happened was if you watched the replay you say Maximum Security veer to the outside and actually touched the legs of the 1# horse War of Will. After the race, Long Range Toddy’s jockey Jon Court and Country House’s Jockey Flavien Prat claimed foul in the race causing the stewards to look at every angle and caught a rule-breaker. If a horse nearly runs into another horse or nearly clips heels or legs with another horse it will likely lead to disqualification. Maximum Security may have been the fastest horse in the field, but rules are rules and you need to follow them. I hope after reading this everyone now knows why Maximum Security and Luis Saez lost their win.

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