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Did You Know – with Madison, All About Bees

Madison is back with another interesting report, this time about honey bees!

I associate bees with springtime. These fellas have been used for honey and beeswax for 9,000 years. They make honey by flying to a flower collecting pollen and nectar. They suck nectar into a second stomach called a honey stomach. Then they vomit it up into the mouths of other bees to share digestive enzymes. Then it is covered with beeswax to make it less watery. It takes thousands of bees to make one pound of honey. They communicate with something called the waggle dance. It signals to the other bees where flowers are. Most bees you see are workers whom are all female. The queen just lays eggs in the hive and she eats a substance called royal jelly. A future queen is fed royal jelly that makes her fertile and able to mate with a male bee called a drone.

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