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Did You Know – With Madison


As we all know, this week is Shark Week. Sharks are misunderstood animals. After Jaws and many shark attack movies, they are viewed as monster killing beasts. But the truth is they are not monsters, they make mistakes just like you do. They often mistake people for prey.

Great white sharks are an average of 14 to 18 feet long and weigh about 4000 pounds. Females are larger than males. The longest one ever recorded was 20 feet and weighed 5000 pounds. The bull shark is much smaller but more aggressive. It’s the only shark that can live in freshwater/ It measures 7-11 feet on average. These guys hunt pretty much anything, including other sharks. They get their name because they ram their victim and then bite. My favorite shark is the goblin shark. They live deep in the ocean along continental shelves. They come into less deep waters at night time. They are sensitive to light. They were once thought to be extinct. Their long jaws protrude and trap and swallow prey. They measure 10 to 12 feet. There’s still more to be discovered about this creature.

To avoid shark attacks never get into the ocean bleeding, as sharks can smell a tiny drop of blood from a mile away. Avoid wearing jewelry so it might not look like a fish if you go out in chest deep water. I hope after this article, you understand sharks better.

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