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Did You Know? – with Madison

Madison is back with another installment of “Did You Know?” This report is on Tornadoes. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed researching it. Thanks, Madison, for your hard work!

As we all know, tornado season is upon us, so I decided to type info that you may not now about these monster storms. Tornado season runs through March to June. They form when cold air and hot air collide with each other and form a huge circular wind storm. Tornadoes rank on a scale called Enhanced Fujita Scale or EF for short. The ranking depends on damage and speed. An EF0 is classified as a tornado with speeds of no more than 85 miles an hour. It takes shingles off of roofs, may up root smaller trees, and snap branches off. An EF1 can reach speeds of no more than 110 miles per hour. They damage roofs a lot more than EF0s do. They can break windows, blow doors off or damage them,

Mobile homes can be over turned or damaged. An EF2 can reach speeds of no more than 135 miles an hour. They can tear roofs off of buildings, completely destroy mobile homes, large trees can be snapped and cars can be thrown. An EF3 can reach speeds of up to 165 miles an hour, trees lose their bark and pretty well constructed homes are completely destroyed. An EF4 can reach speeds of 200 miles an hour, They can cause strong buildings to completely collapse. An EF5 is the worst a tornado can get, they can completely debark trees and take out everything in their path. Always listen to weather people and get in your shelter just to be safe. The deadliest tornado happened on April 26th1989 in Bangladesh. It claimed the lives of 1,000 people and injured 12,000. I hope after reading this article you will go into your storm shelter when you hear the siren and weather tells you to do so. 

3 comments on Did You Know? – with Madison

  1. Edna Presley says:

    Informative and lifesaving article. Well done Madison!

  2. Donna Baker-Breningstall says:

    Great report Madison! Thank you

  3. Sharon Gay says:

    Great job Madison, very informative! And quite honestly, I’ve always gone to basements when there is a tornado warning!

    Keep up the good work!

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