A Day with Frankfort's Mayor - Stewart Home & School

A Day with Frankfort’s Mayor

Hi everyone, this is your beloved Stewart Home & School Mayor. I was asked to write about what I did last week on Thursday and I’ll be happy to do so. Well before I start I just want to give acknowledgments to Sandy Bell, Mary Shouse, David Sellwood and Myles Young for all pitching in to make this happen for me. Many of you know our Frankfort, Kentucky Mayor Bill May. He invited me to go on a tour around the area he works. First we started at his office, then at the Police Department where they had the 911 Call Center. While we toured there I got to see my good police friends I knew, I thoroughly enjoyed that. After that we went to see the Emergency Management Center where all the action starts with any sort of weather breakouts. It was and awesome day! Thank you Mayor May!

Stewart Home & School Mayor


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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Good job Alisa! Looks like an interesting as well as a fun day! You represent the school very well!

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