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Basketball Recap 3-9-22

It’s officially March Madness baby (in my Dick Vitale voice)! As of 8:00pm last night, there are no undefeated teams left in the SHS Basketball League! Week 4 of games brought tons of energy and spectacular plays to Coach Sellwood Court!

Coming off their first loss of the season last week, the Bulls faced off against the undefeated Thoroughballers in the first matchup of the evening. The gymnasium was electric as each team traded buckets in the first half. The Bulls big man, Joe, broke out his left-handed sky hook to take the lead in the second half. After a couple of made baskets from Alan and Carson of the Thoroughballers, the backcourt duo of Anna and Anna took over and secured the victory over the Thoroughballers. Great win Bulls!

The Second matchup of the night featured the Wildcats and Colonels. The Wildcats came out of the gate hot with Caleb and Nancy providing an offensive threat that was similar to Jordan and Pippen. Abby and Allison of Colonels responded with several buckets of their own, with Allison zeroing in on her mid range jumper proving to be too much for the Wildcats in the final minutes of the game. Great win Colonels!

The last game of the night was a test for the undefeated Raptors as they faced off against the Ducks. The Ducks jumped out early having breakout performances by Van and Will. Van provided fits to the Raptors inside offensive presence, while Will added a season high of 8 points for the Ducks. Scott and Kevin made a late run for the Raptors, but Caroline’s lock down defense was just too much and allowed time to expire before they could catch up. Great win Ducks!

Week in and week out, Commissioner Zach Tipton has done an excellent job overseeing the league’s daily operations. Thanks Zach. Also, special shoutout to Robyn and Flowers of the Residential Department who were guest commentators! Last night I also noticed the cheer team has found a new honorary member in Doug Murphy! Get him signed to a max contract, Emily!

Lastly, big shoutout to the two guys behind the zebra stripes and whistles, local street ball legend Marcus Young of Housekeeping, and former 8th region basketball champion, Damon McKee of the Laundry Department. They have unbiasedly officiated each game thus far providing extra entertainment along the way! And no, Marcus has not t’d up his own brother so far. However, last night David Sellwood almost had him convinced!

We will see you again next Tuesday!

photographs provided by Amy Ballinger

_Myles Young

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