Basketball Recap 2/23/22 - Stewart Home & School

Basketball Recap 2/23/22

A three Basketball League pause ended recently allowing the SHS Basketball League to resume games on Coach Sellwood Court! The games did not disappoint as there were three intense games that were all decided in the final minute. First game was a matchup between the Ducks and Raptors. Will with the Ducks tried to tie the game with two seconds left, but Kevin with the Raptors had other plans and blocked the game tying shot! Big win for the Raptors!

Up next, the Thoroughballers and Wildcats took the floor for an exciting game. The Thoroughballers jumped out to an early lead, but a big shot by Christian put the Wildcats in contention to take home the W. The Thoroughballers held onto their lead and finished the night with the win.

The last game was a highly anticipated matchup between the Bulls and Colonels. The Colonels took an early lead, but some big plays made by the Bulls sealed the victory in the final minute!

Big shoutout to the SHS Cheerleaders that cheered all the teams on throughout the games! They brought the energy to the gymnasium and were fantastic!

Next weeks games are as follows:


5:45 Thoroughballers vs. Colonels

6:30 Bulls vs. Raptors

7:15 Wildcats vs. Ducks

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