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2021 Mr. & Miss SHS Pageant

This year, our Mr. and Miss SHS Pageant was back live and was held as a special two day event! Event organizer’s, Megan Spaulding and Rachael Stewart turned the gym into an enchanted forest to go along with this year’s theme, “Enchanted.” It looked AMAZING!

Students participated in two segments over both days. Day one included the talent portion; while day two included the student bios and awards. Congratulations to all of our participants. Awards were announced to a roaring crowd to end the pageant. Here are this year’s Mr. and Miss SHS Awards:

Miss Wonderful: Karen

Mr. Cheerful: Zach

Miss Cheerful: Lindsay

Mr. Fabulous: Eric

Miss Fabulous: Jackie

Mr. Amazing: John

Miss Amazing: Maggie

Mr. Extraordinary: Scott

Miss Extraordinary: Julie

Mr. Magical: Douglas

Miss Magical: Abby

Mr. Fantastic: Davis

Miss Fantastic: Machele

Mr. Shining Star: Tanner

Miss Shining Star: Ellen

Mr. Spectacular: Andy

Miss Spectacular: Leah

Mr. Terrific: Mike

Miss Terrific: Amy

Miss Enthusiastic: Heather

Mr. Superstar: Bill

Miss Superstar: Ida

Mr. Enchanted: Victor

Miss Enchanted: Alison

Miss Exciting: Rosemary

Miss Helpful: Gianna

Mr. Joyous: Luke

Miss Star Shine: Susie

Miss Sweetness: Tina

Mr. 110%: Camray

Miss 110%: Caroline

Mr. Talent: Matt

Miss Talent: Amanda

Mr. Congeniality: Austin

Miss Congeniality: Carolyn

Mr. Royalty: Riley

Miss Royalty: Carol Annie

SHS Prince: Charlie

SHS Princess: Talia

Mr. SHS: Aris

Miss SHS: Poncie

Thank you to the event organizer’s Megan Spaulding and Rachael Stewart for another great year! Also, special thanks to Jeff for manning the spotlight, Sandy Bell and Ashley Smith for hosting the pageant and Michael Ghant, Ashley Goodpaster, and Margaret Christmas, for all their work behind the scenes.

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  1. Donna says:

    Congrats to all the beautiful participants! And, good job, Jeff!

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