2021 Employee Recognition Ceremony - Stewart Home & School

2021 Employee Recognition Ceremony

This year’s recognition ceremony was particularly special as it had been two years since the ceremony was held in-person. The program opened up with a fun video from our students naming off the 20 Keys to Success – watch the video below!

SHS was pleased to honor several staff for their years of service. Being recognized for 5 years was Maria Alamillo, Kim Conklin, Beth Cox, Cliff Martin, Rachel Ray, and Sarah Stewart. Honored for 10 years was Ricky Gaines, Karla Phillips, and Kim Simpson. Margaret Christmas and Felipe Valdivieso was then honored for 15 years. Jennifer Johnson was recognized for 20 years; and lastly, Amy Ballinger was honored for 30 years of service. Congratulations to each of our service award winners!

The program was full of laughs and excitement as there were several prizes given away throughout the program. Each employee in attendance received a numbered key as they entered the door. If their number was called they could redeem it for a gift card to a local eatery or try their luck with a mystery box that may have contained something great, or something not so great! Spoiler alert, there were no dud mystery boxes! From Kroger gift cards to new SHS merch, the drawings of keys were filled with excitement the entire program!

Following the drawings of prizes the three most prestigious awards were handed out to standing ovations.

Congratulations to these employees for their hard work and dedication to Stewart Home & School:

2021 Shining Star – Lisa Heimbuck, Co-Houseparent, Franklin Hall

2021 Above & Beyond Award – Melissa G. Woods, Residential Support Staff

2021 Dr. John P. Stewart Award of Excellence – Amy M. Young, Housekeeping

Special thanks to Machele Lawless and Melissa Ford for their hard work planning and executing a fun and special employee’s recognition service year after year!

3 comments on 2021 Employee Recognition Ceremony

  1. Connie Adams says:

    It takes a village, but what a village!
    Congratulations to all the recipients.
    God Bless!

  2. Louise DeCamp Reeve says:

    There is no one more devoted and talented than Amy Ballinger. She was our Middy’s teacher and devoted supporter for more years than I can remember. God bless her. This is an honor well deserved.

  3. Rita Shain says:

    Congratulations to all!! Ricky and I know what hard work and dedication it takes to be part of the team that staff SHS. Y’all are the best! Love and miss you all.

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